Endangered Species

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Most Endangered Species

At the start of this century rampant hunting and environmental changes orchestrated by humans had started to take its toll on other species. The 20th century saw the extinction of as many as 30 species and 500 sub-species, many of them perishing in spite of conservation efforts to save them. …

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Giant Panda Facts

Giant Panda is one of those cutest animals, which everyone wants as a pet, but it has become one of the endangered species that governments across the globe are trying to protect. These are found mainly in China and depictions of giant panda can be found in Chinese art, which …

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Red Panda Facts

The red pandas (Ailurus fulgens), unlike the black and white giant panda bears are pandas that grow to the size of a typical house cat and look like a cross between a cat, raccoon and panda. Including the tail length, red pandas grow to about 42 inches in length and …

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Red Panda

Resembling raccoons, the Red Panda, the scientific name of which is Ailurus fulgens, is much smaller in size than the black-and-white colored Giant Panda with which it shares its name. About the size of a domestic cat, although their bushy tails add another 46 cm, or 18 inches, the Red …

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